Banjo App Could Disrupt Twitter as a #Socialbiz and #Custserv Tool

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...Image via CrunchBasehere is a copy of an email I got from Jennifer Peck, marketing guru at social app Banjo about a week ago. At the time I was writing for ReadWriteWeb and considering different apps that would make good news story material about how mobile apps are one of the big forces behind changes in how consumers shop, consumers talk to each other, and how #custserv (Customer Service) teams operate. 

In this email, Peck showed me how following topics and trends on social monitoring platforms like Hootsuite, Twitter and Tweetdeck can only go so far. I was compelled by her evidence enough to publish it here, to promote a discussion of the Jobs to be Done with social apps in marketing.  

Peck writes: 

Banjo just presented at Ad Age in San Francisco and I learned something about the "official hashtag" of the conference.  People weren't using it.   The official was #aadigital and the hashtags being used were #aadigital, #digitalwest #adage #adagewest or more commonly NO HASH TAG AT ALL. 
So, when you are trying to follow the twitter feed at an event or if you are following from afar, it's likely you will be missing most of the conversation.  Enter Banjo. 
I simply went to the map view, typed in 1290 Avenue of the Americas, NY, and voila.  I was instantly seeing all the activity coming out of SMASH.

Here are some of the screen shots that Peck attached in the email.  They are numbered to give context, and they are listed in chronological order as you scroll down the screen.

Photo 1.  Clearly at SMASH but the # is rackspace and the next is no hash at all
Photo 2.  This shows our NEW group mapping feature coming out with our next release (submitted to the Apple store yesterday)
Photo 3.  Again no hash tags - photo included
Photo 4.  No hash and #smashsummit
Photo 5.  No hash and #smashsummit - photo included
Photo 6.  The first #smashNYC
Photo 7.  No hash - photos included of @davemcclure
Photo 8.  See the top - NEW FEATURE of follow on twitter and favorite button
Photo 9.  Now following on twitter - NEW FEATURE 

Peck says that Banjo will be releasing new features soon, which will include map grouping, and being able to follow someone on Twitter. 
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Anonymous said...

Great article by Jennifer! I also experienced this at the Remix South Conference in Atlanta. I was able to get more information about what people thought at each of the break out sessions through the Banjo App on my Android phone. It made it easier for me to connect with others at the conference, while getting good info of what was happening at the other sessions I was missing out on!

Douglas Crets said...

Jennifer didn't write that, but she wrote the email that I included in the post. Thanks for noticing!

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